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Peaky Blinders season 4        “Mali” Grows High In
             Sound                                                                                     first image Release            Box Office Reaching
            production for                                                                             Peaky Blinders season 4 is on the horizon. The   The Second Place
            “Bomb” started                                                                             image which was released today, is pretty useless,
                                                                                                       but the BBC also issued a brief but revealing   “Mali and the ways she didn’t go” reaches
            With editing finished for                                                                  synopsis for the first episode. It will take place   second place at the daily domesticated
            Peyman Maadi’s “Bomb”                                                                      six months after season 3’s conclusion and see   Box Office was the most important aspect
            produced by Mani Haghighi,                                                                 Tommy Shelby receive a mysterious letter on   of this first week screenings. Theat its
            sound production has begun.                                                                Christmas Eve telling him the Peaky Blinders   second week, the movie has sold 31
            Principal photography began                                                                are in “danger of annihilation”.  million Tomans passing 500 million
            early May and finished after                                                                                              Tomans in total gross and reaching no.2
            55 sessions under Mahmoud                                                                                                 at the daily Box Office. If this continues
            Kalari’s supervision. Editing                                                                                             for Tahmineh Milani’s newest film, it can
            was done by Bahram Dehghani     Animated festival of Mexican skeletons                                                    pass the 1 billion Tomans mark next week
            and Iraj Shahzadi will do the                                                                                             which is  strongly possible . “Oxidant”
            sound production. Shahbazi      Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios are going to release their               placed third with its remaining theatres
            was also responsible for sound   new computer-animated musical, “Coco” directed by Lee Unkrich and Adri-                  and will discontinue screening tomorrow.
            mix. “Bomb” is the story of     an Molina. With Toy Story 3’s Lee Unkrich at the helm, Coco tells the story               “Me & Sharmin” and “Hot Summer”
            Tehran’s bombings of 1987 and   of  Miguel, a 12-year-old boy who dreams of being a musician, against the                 grossed less than last week, 22 and 20
            Maadi himself wrote the script   wishes of  his familia. When Miguel gets his hand on the guitar of his idol Er-          million Tomans respectively placing
                                            nesto de la Cruz, he’s transported to the Land of the Dead, where he meets his
            like his previous movie. This   ancestors in skeletal form. Coco does share some common ground with previ-                at the middle of the Box Office. Hamid
            is Maadi’s second feature film   ous Pixars. The released footage was packed with sight gags and physical hu-             Nemat-o-llah’s “Subdued” is still in the
            after “Snow on Pines” and Leila   mour, with the skeletons providing a unique visual challenge to the animators           middle near its 100th day of screening
            Hatami will be starring making   This interesting animation is scheduled to be released on November 22, 2017.             and has grossed a total of 5 billion and 600
            this their second collaboration                                                                                           million Tomans.
            after the success of “The
            Seperation” aa they both star
            in the film. Also starring are
            Siamak Ansari and Habib                                          هتــشادنپ ديمح :ىيارجا رــيدم     روــپ یلظ ناــسحا :لوئــسم ريدم نيــشناج    یــناريج نودــيرف :لوئــسم ريدم    رــنه زبــس عولط ىرــنه یــگنهرف هــسسوم :زاــيتما بــحاص
            Rezaei                                                           زيمم یضترم داي هدنز :هراو مان حارط   نايک فيرش شرآ :یرنه و ینفريدم    اين ىدوعسم یلع :هيريرحت ريبد   یبيقن ورسخ :ىريبدرس ىاروش سيئر      ىريبدرس ىاروش رظن ريز

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                                                                             Colin Firth opts for                                          Penn to Star in
                                                                             Italian passport                                              Hulu’s Drama

                                                                             It was reported in May that the actor had                     Sean Penn,  will star in Hulu’s original
                                                                             made a formal application for Italian                         space-drama series “The First.”
                                                                             citizenship in response to the vote to leave                  While his role has not been disclosed
                                                                             the European Union, while last year Firth’s                   yet, the show follows the first human
                                                                             apparent opposition to the referendum                         mission to Mars, and explores “the
                                                                             result was noted in a newspaper. He was                       challenges of taking the first steps
                                                                             said to have described Brexit as “a disaster                  toward interplanetary colonization,”
                                                                             of unexpected proportions”.                                   according to a show description.
                                                                                                                                             New version of
            ‘Blade Runner 2049’           Oscars: Predicting This Year’s                                                                     Sheldon Cooper is on
            Doesn’t Have A                                                                                                                   the way
            Director Cut
                                          Best Picture Landscape

            Eight different versions                                                                                                         Although “The Big Bang Theory”
            of “Blade Runner” have                                                                                                           continues to do its own thing
            been shown in one form                                                                                                           on CBS, but more adventures
            or another, five of which                                                                                                        are coming in this universe by
            are well known: the                                                                                                              “Young Sheldon” is set to debut on
            workprint, the theatrical                                                                                                        November 2, 2017. This upcoming
            cut, the international cut,                                                                                                      American television sitcom is
            the director’s cut, and the                                                                                                      created by Chuck Lorre and Steven
            final cut. In a new interview                                                                                                    Molaro and introduces the known
            with Europe Plus, Denis                                                                                                          character Sheldon Cooper at the
            Villeneuve says that “Blade                                                                                                      age of 9. Jim Parsons -four-time
            Runner 2049” won’t be                                                                                                            Emmy winner-  admires Iain
            so complicated — there                                                                                                           Armitage as younger version of
            will be no director’s cut,                                                                                                       his character: “Watching Iain bring
            he explains, because the          etting into the weeds of full-blown   to it on offer this year.  film in the lineup, too. And outside of Willem   this young version of this character
            version arriving in theaters      “Oscar predictions” four months                          Dafoe the cast is filled with unknowns  to life that I’ve been working on
            next month is the director’s   Gbefore the nominations are announced   “Dunkirk” (Christopher Nolan; Warner                      for a decade of my own life, it was
            cut.                         increasingly feels like a waste of time. The   Bros.)         “Lady Bird” (Greta Gerwig; A24)
                                         Academy demographic is changing rapidly   It’s likely to be the box office success of the   Of this year’s female-directed players, it’s prob-  really moving,” he told EW. “I
                                         and finding the pulse with any real authority   group, unless “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” man-  ably the strongest. Crowdpleasers are a major   felt such a sympathy for this little
               Fantastic                 is, more and more, a fool’s errand. But with   ages to be a player. The “it’s time” Christopher   commodity in the race and this one also finds   guy. It was kind of mind-blowing
                                                                                                                                             to see him brought to life through
                                         the early festivals behind us. The best picture   Nolan narrative also writes itself. The film could   its way to the heartstrings. Having producer
               Beasts’ New               race has taken shape and it promises to be an   be too fussy for some voters. And even though   Scott Rudin advocating behind the scenes is   Iain.” Parsons also assured viewers
               Villain                   exciting one, with no frontrunner in sight. Here   Mark Rylance is right there doing God’s work,   helpful, too.  that you don’t need to have ever
                                                                                                                                             watched The Big Bang Theory
                                         are, at least in one observer’s estimation, the   there are complaints that no one on the cast pops
                                         5 strongest contenders for recognition in this   enough to engage the emotions.  “Last Flag Flying” (Richard Linklater;   to enjoy Young Sheldon. “If you
                                         year’s contest.                                               Amazon/Lionsgate)                     didn’t know Big Bang at all, you
                                                                        “The Florida Project” (Sean Baker; A24)  On the heels of Trump laying out his Afghan-  could watch this show on its own,”
                                         “Darkest Hour” (Joe Wright; Focus)  It’s a scrappy contender right in A24’s wheel-  istan “strategy,” and with the threat of war   he says. “It’s a family with three
                                                                                                                                             kids, one of which is very special.
               Fantastic Beasts          Having the likely best actor winner chewing   house coming off a banner year for the distribu-  looming every day, the human toll represented   It’s really an origin story, and it’s
               and Where To Find         scenery front and center is helpful. And though   tor, and those can make for darling campaigns.   here is sure to resonate. Also, an Oscar season   a bit of a memory play in that way
               Them 2 has added          a chamber piece driven by dialogue isn’t neces-  It’s also, ultimately, one of the most emotional   comeback for Linklater seems inevitable; the   too.”
               actor David Sakurai       sarily “traditional,” it might be the closest thing   films in the lineup. It’s probably the “smallest”   goodwill is there.
               to its cast, in the role
               of a villain. The first
               Fantastic Beasts             Ron Howard Shares Photos From Han Solo Set
               movie introduced
               Eddie Redmayne as            With all the drama surrounding who will and   untitled spinoff, the former Richie Cunningham   and “Aliens.” Howard was announced as the new
               young wizard Newt            won’t direct the many “Star Wars” films coming   has shared two glimpses of it. “Shooting a scene   director of the Han Solo film in late July, follow-
               Scamander, before            soon to a galaxy near you, there’s been a mo-  about desperate and dangerous times in the Gal-  ing the news that Lord and Miller had departed
               eventually revealing         mentary lapse in obsessing over what actually   axy,” wrote Howard on Twitter yesterday. The   the project two days earlier. “I’m beyond grateful
               that Johnny Depp is          happens in the standalone Han Solo film and   accompanying photo is hazy, with a copper tint   to add my voice to the Star Wars Universe after
               playing the role of the      “Episode IX.” Ron Howard is now directing   to it, and shows several people both in front of and   being a fan since 5/25/77,” he wrote at the time.
               dark wizard Gellert          the former, which was originally to be helmed   behind the camera. He shared a similar picture on   “I hope to honor the great work already done &
               Grindelwald in the           by “Lego Movie” helmers Phil Lord and Chris-  Instagram, which almost looks like something   help deliver on the promise of a Han Solo film.”
               Wizarding World.             topher Miller; as he nears completion on the   from the surface of LV-426, the planet in “Alien”   The movie is due in theaters on May 25, 2018.
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